Orem erguendo mãos santas: A oração de intercessão

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Original Title: Pray Lifting up Holy Hands: The Prayer of Intercession
Author: Cyril John
Year: 2015 (reimpressão)
Pages: 146
Weight: 213 gr
ISBN: 9788190463140
Language: English
Price: USD 10.00

All of us are called to be intercessors. I, therefore, recommend the book to all the faithful for detailed study. It is an excellent guide for those specially called to the ministry of intercession. It will also serve as solid reference for those involved in imparting teachings on intercession.” (Bp Francis Kalist, of Meerut)


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A shorter version of this book was previously published in other languages and countries:

French (France)  Versão Abreviada

Title: La force de la prière d’intercession

Year: 2011 (1st edition)

Publishing house: Éditions des Béatitudes

Contact informationwww.editions-beatitudes.com 

Email: ed.beatitudes@wanadoo.fr


Spanish (Spain)

Title: Oren alzando unas manos limpias

Year2014 (1st edition)

Publishing House:  Sereca RCCE

Contact informationwww.libreria.rcc-es.com 



Spanish (Perù)

Title: Oren alzando unas manos limpias

Year2014 (1st edition)

Publishing House:  RCC Perù

Contact informationwww.rccperu.org  



Portuguese (Brazil)

Title: Rezar  Erguendo maos santas

Year: 2014 (1st edition)

Publishing house:  RCC BRASIL

Contact informationwww.rccshop.com.br  



Croatian (Croatia)

Title: Molite podizuci ciste ruke

Year: 2017 (1st edition)

Publishing house: Pokret Krunice za  obracenje i mir

Contact informationwww.ofm.hr/pokret_krunice   



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