Diretrizes para Orações de Cura

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Original Title: Guidelines on Prayers for Healing
Author: Doctrinal Commission of ICCRS







 2017 (Reprint 5th edition revised)


97 gr



 2012 (5th edition revised)





hope this document will be studied and put into practice by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal worldwide, becoming a point of reference for all who want to place the charisms they have received at the service of the Church and the new evangelization.” (Card. Stanislaw Rylko, President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity)

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This book is available in other countries and languages:


English (USA)

Title: Guidelines on Prayers for Healing

Year: 2012 (5th edition revised)

Publishing House: Vera Cruz Communications

Contact informationhttps://www.facebook.com/pg/VeraCruzCommunications  

Email: jim@veracruzcm.com


German (Germany)

Title: Gebet um Heilung Leitlinien

Year: 2013 (5th edition revised)

Publishing house: Charismatische Erneuerung in Deutschland

Contact information: www.erneuerung.de

Email: info@erneuerung.de


English (India)

Title: Guidelines on Prayers for Healing

Year: 2017 (5th edition revised)

Publishing house: NCO

Contact information: www.nccrs.org 



English (Singapore)

Title: Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Year: 2014 (5th edition revised)

Publishing house: SACCRE

Contact information:

Email: info@saccre.org


Italian (Italy)

Title: Linee guida per le preghiere di guarigione

Year: 2014 (5th edition revised)

Publishing house: Edizioni RnS

Contact informationwww.rns-italia.it 

Email:  edizioni@rns-italia.it


French (France)

Title: Prier pour obtenir la guérison

Year: 2017 (5th edition revised)

Publishing house: Éditions des Béatitudes

Contact informationwww.editions-beatitudes.com 



French (Canada)

Title: Prier pour obtenir la guérison

Year: 2015  (5th edition revised)

Publishing house: Conseil Canadien du Renouveau Charismatique  

Contact information: www.renouveaucharismatique.ca



Slovenian (Slovenia)


Year2016 (5th edition revised)

Publishing house: Drustvo Prenova v Duhu

Contact informationwww.prenova.rkc.si 



 Korean (South Korea)

Title: Guidelines on Prayers for Healing (Situazione particolare)


The previous editions of this book are available in other countries and languages:


English (Canada)

Title: Guidelines on Prayers for Healing

Year: 2008 (2nd revised)

Publishing House: The Bread of Life Renewal

Contact informationwww.thebreadoflife.ca 

Email:  info@thebreadoflife.ca


English (Australia)

Title: Guidelines on Prayers for Healing

Year: 2008 (2nd revised)

Publishing house: NSC of CCR in Australia

Contact informationwww.ccr.org.au 

Email: centre@ccr.org.au


Spanish (Spain)

Title: Directrices sobre oraciones para sanación

Year: 2007 (1st edition)

Publishing House: Sereca RCCE

Contact informationwww.libreria.rcc-es.com 



Spanish (Colombia)

Title: Oraciones de sanación. Directrices

Year: 2008 (1st edition)

Publishing House: Librería Minuto de Dios

Contact informationwww.minutodedios.fm 

Email: libreriasms@sky.net.co


Portuguese (Brazil)

Title: Diretrizes oara Orações de Cura

Year: 2008 (1st edition)

Publishing house:  RCC BRASIL

Contact informationwww.rccshop.com.br 

Email: rccshop@rccbrasil.org.br


Polish (Poland)

Title: Wskazówki do posługi modlitwą o uzdrowienie

Year: 2008 (2nd edition)

Publishing house: Ośrodek Odnowy w Duchu Świętym

Contact informationwww.odnowa.jezuici.pl 



Croatian (Croatia)

Title: Smjernice za molitve kojima se od Boga moli ozdravlijenje

Year: 2007 (1st edition)

Publishing house: Kristofori

Contact informationwww.kristofori.hr 



Dutch (Netherlands)

Title: Richtlijnen voor het Bidden on Genezing

Year: 2009 (3rd edition revised)

Publishing House: Stichting Katholieke Charismatische Viernieuwing

Contact informationwww.kcv-net.nl 


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