40th Anniversary Celebration of CCR Europe

Dear Friends, As you are already aware ICCRS are holding a European conference to celebrate the 40th anniversary of CCR. This will be held in Warsaw, Poland at: Dom Rekolekcyjno-Formacyjny przy WMSD ul. Dewajtis 3 01-815 Warszawa. For this special celebration we are inviting you to bring up to 8-10 people from your NSC with you, including at least one young person, who should be a leader involved in some area of youth ministry. For countries that have correspondents or head contacts you are invited to bring 3-4 people and a young person. The celebration will build on the leaders Colloquium held last June in Fiuggi. We will be looking again at the central themes of the CCR such as: The centrality of Baptism in the Spirit, Growing in the Charisms, Maturing in Leadership and the raising up new leaders. We will also look at the importance of Unity, Evangelisation and Service. The Conference will take the form of short talks followed by discussion time in language groups. There will be translation into six languages see the registration form for details.

There will be times of prayer, ministry, adoration and testimonies. We will also build in time for fellowship and informal sharing. All the arrangements are now in place, so we ask you to book into the conference as soon as possible, using the attached registration form. The form can also be found on the ESCI website. In order to help with our administration and to keep the costs down, we ask you to send one payment to cover all the people from your country/reality. If you book in before 10th April the accommodation will be slightly cheaper. The conference fee will be 150 euro for Western Europeans and 60 euro for Eastern Europeans. There are several types of accommodation available and these will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Registration and booking can only be done on line at europeanconference@odnowa.org . The deadline for all registrations is 15th May.

For your information and travel arrangements, we will begin with the opening Mass at 17.30 on Thurs 27th and conclude with lunch at 12.45pm on Sunday 30th. For those people who will travel by train or car, see attached travel details as to how to reach the centre by road or rail. Let’s continue to keep our continent and this important celebration in our prayers. With all good wishes, Michelle Moran, Vice-President of ICCRS 40th Anniversary of CCR Europe

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