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10 - 16 Giugno 2012

The ICCRS Leadership Training Course is for people of all ages, from charismatic organisations worldwide who want to spend some time of their lives being formed in leadership within the CCR.

“Take strength from the grace which is in Christ Jesus. Pass on to reliable people what you have heard from me through many witnesses, so that they in turn will be able to teach others.”
2 Tim 2:1-2

In partnership with local Charismatic realities, ICCRS provides this week–long programme that will call and empower new leaders as well as strengthen and encourage current ones. The programme will include daily Mass, Eucharist Adoration and a time of Charismatic Praise and Worship. The teachings will cover: the foundations and vision of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (Ecclesiology, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, the Histoy of the CCR, a Theology of Mission); and practical help and ideas for ministry (elements of a prayer meeting, basic techniques for evangelisation, the life of leaders). There will also be time for reflection, sharing and ministry.

People of all ages from the host country or nearby are invited to participate!


Classes will be primarily in English.


  • Jim Murphy, USA (Director of the ICCRS Formation Project)
  • Michelle Moran, England (President of ICCRS)
  • Cyril John, India (ICCRS Vice-president)
  • And others...

Venue & Accomodation

St. Francis Xavier Major Seminary
199 Ponggol 17th Ave, Singapore 829645


Please contact Jessica Francisco for more information.


Cost per person
SGD 480.00 in dormitory
SGD 540.00 in double room

Event Report

The LTC Singapore convened on Saturday, June 9th and concluded on Sunday, June 17th.
The teachers for the programme were Michelle Moran (UK), Allan Panozza (Australia), and Jim Murphy (USA).

There were 70 students present, representing 12 countries. If you include the teachers, 14 countries were represented in all, a truly international event! Some of the countries represented included: Australia, Oman, India, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, New Zealand, China, and Singapore. It truly was an Asia/Oceania event!

12 priests were present and I believe two religious sisters.

The programme was held at St Francis Xavier Seminary, and Fr William Goh, a longtime friend of the Renewal, and Rector of the Seminary was a most hospitable host.

On our pilgrimage day, we had mass at the cathedral, and met with Archbishop Nicolas Chia, who has also been a long-time supporter and friend to Charismatic Renewal.

The week concluded with a large public rally in which the LTC teachers proclaimed the Good News and facilitated prayer ministry.

In addition to class time, much of the teachers’ time was spent meeting with both individuals and groups for advice, encouragement, and prayer.

From all accounts, the programme was very well received. Every indication suggests that the participants and local hosts were very, very happy with the proceedings of the LTC.

Gerard and Jessica from Singapore did a marvellous job of leading a local support team. Every detail, every need was attended to excellently!

The LTC programme continues to be very fruitful. People report having a much deeper love of the Church and appreciation for the grace of Charismatic Renewal as a result of attending this course. People feel supported and seem to have a renewed enthusiasm for ministry.

Relationships are certainly strengthened between ICCRS and the worldwide CCR.

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