La via alla Pentecoste: la chiamata di intercessione · Assisi, Italia

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19-23 Maggio 2010

Join a powerful intercessory experience with people from around the world, in Assisi—the home of St. Francis. Then, take part in a special one-day pilgrimage following the event. This international event held in Assisi, Italy with a special focus on intercession, will be an opportunity to:

  • Experience a renewed outpouring of the Holy Spirit
  • Celebrate the Pentecost Tridium and the Pentecost of the Nations with ICCRS in Assisi
  • Deepen our understanding about the call to intercession
  • Intercede for the nations in the power of the Holy Spirit

Pilgrimage following the event There will be a special optional one-day pilgrimage in Assisi from the early afternoon of May 23rd to lunch of May 24th.

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