Eventi passati

Healing Seminar · Foggia, Italy

3 - 6 Ottobre 1995 · The theme of the Healing Seminar and Evangelistic Outreach is: “Jesus called the twelve together, gave them power and authority to overcome all demons and to cure diseases. He sent them forth to proclaim the reign of God and heal the afflicted”.

8th International Event – ICCRS Leaders' Retreat · Assisi, Italy

13 - 17 Settembre 1993 · Fifteen hundred participants from over 90 countries gathered in Assisi for the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Leaders’ Retreat. Former gatherings were held in Rome and were conferences. But since this year the focus was on the spiritual foundations of leadership, the meeting took the form of a retreat/pilgrimage.

7th International Event – ICCRO Leaders' Conference · Rome, Italy

14 - 19 Ottobre 1989 · Six hundred twenty-five persons from 90 countries gathered in Rome for this leaders conference during October. All areas of the globe were represented, even countries quite small or with severe financial difficulties.

6th International Event – ICCRO Leaders' Conference · Rome, Italy

11 - 16 Maggio 1987 · The VI International Leaders Conference of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal took place from the 11th to the 16th of May, at the “Ergife Palace Hotel” in Rome.

1st International Youth Consultation · Rome, Italy

15 - 19 Ottobre 1985 · The First International Youth Consultation of the Catholic Charismatic renewal took place in Rome, 15-19 October, 1985. Almost 400 participants from 71 countries and every continent shared their Christian faith, their hope for the future of humanity, and their great love as children of the heavenly Father ever 4-day charismatic celebration of the International year of Youth.

1st Worldwide Priests' Retreat · Vatican City

5 - 9 Ottobre 1984 · 10,000 hours of prayer and 6,000 days of fasting offered by Catholics in Japan, 369,000 rosaries prayed by the People of God in California, innumerable hours of adoration spent before the Blessed Sacrament by contemplative religious during the whole years, and countless more prayers and sacrifices offered worldwide by prayer groups and individuals filled with love and concern for their priests

5th International Event – ICCRO Leaders' Conference · Rome Italy

30 maggio - 5 gungio 1984 · 638 leaders of charismatic prayer groups and communities from 108 countries came to Rome for the Fifth International Leaders Conference (April 30 – May 5). Visible was a true cross-section of the Catholic Church, cardinals, bishops, and priests, religious and laity, among whom could be seen surgeons and doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, businessmen, laborers and even farmers, policemen, housewives, catechists, youth, etc.

4th International Event – ICCRO Leaders' Conference · Rome, Italy

4 - 10 Maggio 1981 · The 523 delegates to the Fourth International Leaders’ Conference of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and some 80 guests were received in a special audience May 7 in the Lourdes Grotto of the Vatican Gardens by Pope John Paul II. There was a period of worship and song – with the Holy Father several times requesting more songs.

3rd International Event – ICCRO Leaders' Conference · Dublin, Ireland

10 - 13 giugno 1978· One hundred seventy five leaders from 50 countries gathered in Dublin, Ireland June 10-13 for the Third International Leaders Conference of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. The conference was held at St. Patrick’s Training College, a teachers’ training institute in the north of the city.

2nd International Event – ICCRO Leaders' Conference · Rome, Italy

16-19 maggio 1975 · If press coverage is any indication of the significance of an event in history, then the 1975 International Congress on the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church was certainly an historic event for both the Charismatic Renewal and the Church.
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