La Santa Sede ha reconocido la labor del ICCRS

2 de noviembre de 1993

Lo sentimos, pero ésta página aún no ha sido completamente traducida.

On Tuesday, 20 September 1993, following the Assisi Retreat and its annual meeting, the ICCRO Council (now ICCRS) met with officials of the Pontifical Council for the Laity in the offices of Cardinal Pironio, President of that Council. The purpose of the gathering was to receive the decree recognizing the work of ICCRS by the Holy See.

The Cardinal gave a small speech in which he encouraged ICCRS to continue serving the Church. The Council for the Laity sees the Renewal and other movements in the Church as being very important for the future of the Church. The granting of this recognition should further the work not only of ICCRS but of the entire Renewal.

Bishop Paul Cordes who is Vice-President of the Council for the Laity then read the decree.
ICCRS’ President, Charles Whitehead responded promising that the ICCRS Council will do all in its power to carry out the goals and objectives of ICCRS as stated in its statutes.

Taken from the ICCRS Newsletter, November-December 1993

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