Endie Rahardja

He was born in Jakarta, in September 1957, and baptized as Catholic in 1981. He finished his High School at St. Pius X in Ottawa, Canada and got his Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada in 1978.

He married to Inge Sentosa in January 1982 and has 3 Children, his eldest son is Eric Rahardja (34 years), he married to Helvy Liasdanu. His second son is Elvin Rahardja (29 years) and his youngest daughter is Edith Rahardja (25 years). He has two grandchildren, Brigitta Keiana (3,5 years) and Joseph Maverick (1,5 years).

He joined Life in the Spirit Seminar in one weekend retreat in 1992 but still not fully engaged in Charismatic Renewal at that time. In 1994, He joined Evangelization course, and was chosen to continue in Training course to be a speaker for Evangelization. He started teaching Evangelization Courses in 1995 and became a speaker in prayer meeting until today. In 1995, He also started to join one Prayer Group called PDKK Gloria. 

His involvement in the Parish as Head of Region (consist of 200 families) since 1991 ‐ 1997, Head of Social welfare and as member of few ad hoc Committee. In 1997 ‐ 2001, He was appointed to be the Vice Coordinator of Charismatic Catholic Renewal in Jakarta Diocese and from 2001 – 2007, he was elected to be the Coordinator. They have more than one hundred Prayers Group in Jakarta Diocese. In 2007 – 2010, he was appointed to be the Secretary of National Service Committee (NSC) of Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Indonesia, and in 2010 – 2016, he was appointed as Vice Chairman of NSC, and in 2016, he was elected as Chairman of NSC CCR in Indonesia. Since 1979 – 2006, he worked as Manager, General Manager, Director in Contractor and Real Estate Company.

In 1999 he started my own business with few Charismatic friends as distributor of Telecommunications Test equipment. This business is dedicated to support Charismatic activities in Indonesia. God blessed this Company so much, so they can donate part of our profit to CCR in Jakarta and Indonesia.

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