This is the latest updated version. The goal is to allow the reader to enter into the spiritual communion between the Holy Fathers and the current of grace of the CCR, which has already changed the lives of more than 150 million Catholics from its beginnings.

Then Peter Stood Up…

50 Years of messages from the Popes to the CCR – from its beginnings to the Jubilee

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Original Title: Then Peter Stood Up… 1967-2017

Compiler: Oreste Pesare

Published by: ICCRS

Year: 2018 (3rd Edition)


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Language: English


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We rejoice with you, dear friends, at the renewal of the spiritual life manifested in the Church today, in different forms and in various environments. Certain common features appear in this renewal: the taste for deep prayer, personal and in groups, a return to contemplation and an emphasis on praise of God, the desire to devote oneself completely to Christ, an openness to the Holy Spirit, more assiduous reading of the Scriptures, generous brotherly devotion, a willingness to serve the Church. In all this, we can recognize the mysterious and hidden work of the Spirit, who is the soul of the Church.

Pope St. Paul VI

to the participants at the First International Leaders' Conference, Grottaferrata, 10 October 1973

I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is proclaimed throughout the world” (Rm 1:8). The Catholic Charismatic Renewal has helped many Christians to rediscover the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in their lives, in the life of the Church and in the world; and this rediscovery has awakened in them a faith in Christ filled with joy, a great love of the Church and a generous dedication to her evangelizing mission.

Pope St. John Paul II

to the participants at the Ninth International Leaders' Conference, Fiuggi, 30 October 1998

The Movements and New Communities are like an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Church and in contemporary society. We can, therefore, rightly say that one of the positive elements and aspects of the Community of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal is precisely their emphasis on the charisms or gifts of the Holy Spirit and their merit lies in having recalled their topicality in the Church.

Pope Benedict XVI

o the participants in the 13th International Conference of the CFCCCF, Hall of Blessings · Vatican City, 31st October 2008

Share with all in the Church the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, praise the Lord ceaselessly, walk together with Christians of different Churches and Christian communities in prayer and in action for those most in need. Serve the poorest and the sick, this is what the Church and the Pope expect of you, Catholic Charismatic Renewal, but from all of you: all, all of you who have entered in this current of grace! Thank you.

Pope Francis

to the participants in the CCR Golden Jubilee 2017, Circus Maximus · Rome. 3rd June 2017

Previous editions of this book are available in other countries and languages:

Then Peter stood up…

Updated 2012 Version

The previous edition of this book, translated into eight languages, has sold widely worldwide. 

This addendum contains addresses by His Holiness Pope Francis to the CCR in the years 2014-2015

English (Canada)

Title: Guidelines on Prayers for Healing

Year: 2008 (2nd edition revised))

Publishing house:  The Bread of Life Renewal

Contact information:


English (Australia)

Title: Guidelines on Prayers for Healing

Year: 2008 (2nd edition revised))

Publishing house: NSC of CCR in Australia

Contact information:


Spanish (Spain)

Title: Directrices sobre oraciones para sanación

Year: 2007 (1st edition)

Publishing house:  Sereca RCCE

Contact information:


Spanish (Colombia)

Title: Oraciones de Sanación. Directrices

Year: 2008 (1st edition)

Publishing house:  Librería Minuto de Dios

Contact information:


Portuguese (Brazil)

Title: Diretrizes oara Orações de Cura

Year: 2008 (1st edition)

Publishing house:  RCC BRASIL

Contact information:


Polish (Poland)

Title: Wskazówki do posługi modlitwą o uzdrowienie

Year: 2008 (2nd edition)

Publishing house:  Ośrodek Odnowy w Duchu Świętym

Contact information:


Croatian (Croatia)

Title: Smjernice za molitve kojima se od Boga moli ozdravlijenje

Year: 2007 (1st edition) 

Publishing house:  Kristofori

Contact information:


Dutch (Netherlands)

Title: Richtlijnen voor het Bidden on Genezing

Year: 2019 (3rd edition revised)

Publishing house:  Stichting Katholieke Charismatische Viernieuwing

Contact information:


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