School of Healing Prayer for Leaders · Jacksonville, USA, 2008

20 - 25 October 2008

2nd Edition. Conducted by Francis & Judith MacNutt for leaders in CCR and co-sponsored by the NSC of the US


ICCRS is happy to announce that we are in the process of planning another conference with Christian Ministries (Francis and Judith MacNutt). The first edition of the School in 2007 was marvellously successful, with 450 in attendance (with 27 priests) and so many wanted to return for another such conference that proved to be life-transforming for many of the participants. The word has gotten out and now many more want to take part in such a conference, and so we hope to provide once again this marvellous opportunity. This second conference will be more in-depth that the first one, so that all those who attended this year and can return will benefit by the experience. At the same time, we encourage everyone who was not able to come to April’s conference to come to this one. You will be able to take part fully even is you were not able to come to the first. The topic will be: “Becoming a transformed person and Church through Jesus Christ’s healing power.”
Note: A question has come to us from those who attended the succesful first conference last year: Will this one be different? The answer is “Yes!” We intend to go into far, greater depth. And while CHM is giving several conferences in the US, these conferences will not, for the most part, be duplicating what we will do at this October’s conference. For example, CHM has the honour of being invited back for a second year to do training in healing prayer at the Southern California Catholic Renewal Services for perhaps 1,600 Catholics (this is the number who were at last year’s conference in Anaheim, California). The ICCRS conference will have many more talks and a much more extensive time to pray during its six days. (The Californian conference only lasts for a weekend). Furthermore, CHM and ICCRS will be able to provide (as we did last year) for individual healing prayer with our healing teams which gave people such an extraordinary opportunity to receive 20 minutes of individual prayer, each with two prayer ministers. as you know, this kind of opportunity is rare, and most conferences can only provide for a general healing service for the entire group. Also at the conference we want to welcome new people! It will be a wonderful experience in the power of the Holy Spirit.

This special 2nd edition of the School of Healing Prayer® Series has been prepared by Francis and Judith MacNutt for leaders in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Co-sponsored by Christian Healing Ministries, the National Service Committee of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the U.S. and the International Charismatic Catholic Renewal Service, this conference incorporates both a clear and balanced understanding of healing and hands on practicum, together with a transforming, fresh experience of the power of the Holy Spirit. This conference is designed to take healing to the heart of the Renewal in the Church and to equip its leaders for taking the charism of healing into the 21st century. The event is organized by Christian Healing Ministries (CHM) and ICCRS, and co-sponsored by the NSC of the US.


Who should attend? Certainly anyone who attended the fist session in April 2007, as well as Renewal leaders who have some previous knowledge of the power of the Holy Spirit to heal and want to learn and experience more about this reality. This especially includes laypeople, pastors, missionaries, preachers, youth pastors, ministry leaders in prayer groups, covenant communities, schools of evangelization, those who head up or are members of healing teams and health professionals: doctors, counselors, nurses, psychologists, etc. What will you learn? In addition to a personal experience of the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, this conference will encourage and train attendees in understanding Jesus’ healing ministry and the role of healing in evangelization. It will include a foundational, balanced and practical approach to begin a prayer ministry. This event will offer a scriptural basis for God’s gift of healing and prayer for healing. Participants will learn a clear and balanced approach to healing, and the ways to effectively minister prayer for healing within a Biblical framework. The hands-on practicum will allow attendees to gain a level of confidence in the praxis of healing prayer. Attendees will be encouraged to pray for healing in their homes, parishes, prayer groups and ministries, and with friends, families, patients and co-workers. They will be encouraged to take the information they learn and share it in their home and parish communities. Hands-on Training This event will be more than simply lectures about healing. This will be a practical, hands-on event employing DEMONSTRATIONS and PRACTICUM in several languages. Each participant will learn: Soaking prayer for physical healing; Prayer of forgiveness; Prayer for inner healing; Prayer from conception to birth; Prayer for generational healing; Prayer of renunciation of occult practices; Prayer to be baptized in (or for the release of) the Holy Spirit; and Prayer before and after ministry.

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Words from participants to the first conference
“Excellent! Superb! I didn’t know I had so many burdens and hurts attached to me. The teachings were just what I needed to hear. There’s no other school like this – truly healing.”
“My right shoulder had restricted motion and considerable pain for the past 10 years. During Mike Evan’s talk and when participants laid their hands on me I was completely healed! I can now do pushups with no pain and complete motion has been restored.”
“Every day I was in awe at the incredible work of the Holy Spirit working through mistakes, inadequacies, language, cultural and denominational barriers to bring much healing, deliverance, joy and unity to those who were there.”
“Ohhh, I’ve been so blessed by being here” It’s been holy ground. I’ve been so touched by the presence of the Spirit of Jesus and I am leaving with a rich sense of peace and mission.”

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