School of Healing Prayer for Leaders · Jacksonville, USA 2007

30 April - 5 May 2007

Conducted by Francis & Judith MacNutt for leaders in CCR and co-sponsored by the NSC of the US


The School of Healing Prayer for Leaders that was held in Jacksonville from 30 April to 5 May 2007 was an outstanding event, so much so that the overwhelming request of those attending was that ICCRS repeat a similar course in the future. We had 425 registered participants from 42 countries (covering the 5 continents). There were also 23 priests who concelebrated daily Mass for the Conference, and Bishop Victor Galleone from St. Augustine in Florida who celebrated the opening Mass. We all participated in the ministry to the people who attended. Those attending from ICCRS were Allan Panozza, Oreste Pesare, Jim Murphy and Bob Canton. Maria Turra, a former secretary of ICCRS, also attended the Conference and did a valuable service for ICCRS by working together with the staff of Christian Healing Ministries (CHM). The team of CHM organised everything very well and the staff were wonderful. There was real unity among the ICCRS representatives and the staff of CHM. The staff of the Wyndham Hotel (the venue for the event) shared that this was the best group with whom they have worked. Francis and Judith MacNutt, founding members of CHM and the main speakers at the Conference, were delighted with the week, and their teachings and ministry were well received. We leave you with a few brief testimonies from the event which convey the experience much better than we could ever hope to: It felt like my wedding day! It was a renewal of sacred vows where through Jesus and the cross all is reconciled unto Him as one. Thank you God thank you all of you! I have been transformed, renewed and born again this week! I have been healed! This conference was everything and more than I could have expected. The teachings and the works of the Spirit will make a difference in my personal, family and work life. There is only one word to describe this conference and that is TRANSFORMATION! Let us build a tent and stay! Thank you from my whole heart. The whole week was a little taste of heaven for me. The teaching was exceptional. The music was uplifting. The prayer ministry was so needed to free us up for our continued ministry. It was inspiring to experience the unity of leaders from so many countries and the strength of leadership from Christian Healing Ministries, ICCRS and the National Service Committee. It gave me hope for the future of the Renewal. This conference was a spiritual retreat for me. An oasis that the Lord knew I needed. I received the healing the Lord knew I needed and He has now called me back to the front lines. The teaching was very substantial and the topics were relevant. I actually learned NEW things! Every day I was in awe at the incredible work of the Holy Spirit working through mistakes, inadequacies, language, cultural and denominational barriers to bring much healing, deliverance, joy and unity to those who were there. I was inundated with miracles. I was crushed by miracles. I was reborn by miracles. I will never be the same again! By Allan Panozza & Oreste Pesare



This special edition of the School of Healing Prayer® Series has been prepared by Francis & Judith MacNutt for leaders in Catholic Charismatic Renewal. It is a conference that incorporates both a clear and balanced understanding of healing and hands-on practicum, together with a transforming, fresh experience of the power of the Holy Spirit. This conference is designed to take healing to the heart of the Renewal in the Church and to equip its leaders for taking the charism of healing into the 21st century. Topics include:

  • Healing our image of God
  • Expectant Faith and Healing
  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • The purpose of praying in tongues
  • Becoming a healing person
  • Physical healing
  • Inner healing
  • Generational healing

The event is organized by Christian Healing Ministries (CHM) and ICCRS, and co-sponsored by the NSC of the US. Who should attend? Renewal leaders who have some previous knowledge of the power of the Holy Spirit to heal and want to learn and experience more about this reality. This especially includes laypeople, pastors, missionaries, preachers, youth pastors, ministry leaders in prayer groups, covenant communities, schools of evangelization, those who head up or are members of healing teams and health professionals: doctors, counselors, nurses, psychologists, etc. What will you learn? Along with a personal experience of the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, this conference will encourage and train attendees in understanding Jesus’ healing ministry and the role of healing in evangelization. It will include a foundational, balanced and practical approach to begin a prayer ministry. This event will offer a scriptural basis for God’s gift of healing and prayer for healing. Participants will learn a clear and balanced approach to healing, and the ways to effectively minister prayer for healing within a Biblical framework. The hands-on practicum will allow attendees to gain a level of confidence in the praxis of healing prayer. Attendees will be encouraged to pray for healing in their homes, parishes, prayer groups and ministries, and with friends, families, patients and co-workers. They will be encouraged to take the information they learn and share it in their home and parish communities. Hands-on Training This event will be more than simply lectures about healing. This will be a practical, hands-on event employing DEMONSTRATIONS and PRACTICUM in several languages. Each participant will learn: Soaking prayer for physical healing; Prayer of forgiveness; Prayer for inner healing; Prayer from conception to birth; Prayer for generational healing; Prayer of renunciation of occult practices; Prayer to be baptized in (or for the release of) the Holy Spirit; and Prayer before and after ministry.

Letter of invitation

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, ICCRS is committed to the deepening of our understanding and appreciation for the Charism of Healing. This journey of deeper discovery began in 1995 in San Giovanni Rotondo at the home of Padre Pio, when we hosted a healing rally in nearby Foggia at which 30,000 people joined with ICCRS to celebrate the healing love of Jesus through the anointed ministry of the late Fr. Emiliano Tardif. In 2001 in Rome ICCRS co-presented with the Pontifical Council for the Laity a colloquium to consider the ministry of healing in the Charismatic Renewal, following the issuing of the document “Instruction on Prayer for Healing” from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. As President of ICCRS I promised then that we would continue to provide opportunities for greater understanding of the Charism of Healing. An ICCRS Doctrinal Commission formed under the Chairmanship of Bishop Joseph Grech (Australia) has recently produced a document dealing with this important subject, which will be available for circulation to the worldwide Renewal very soon. Now the journey continues! ICCRS will present a Healing Conference with the Francis and Judith MacNutt School of Healing Prayer in Jacksonville, Florida, which will be co-sponsored by The National Service Committee of the United States. The key presenters will be Francis and Judith MacNutt, both of whom have been active in this ministry for many years. Francis will be well remembered as a pioneer in the Healing Ministry following the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the famous Duquesne Retreat in 1967. Additional attraction will include daily Mass, a closing Charismatic Healing Rally. I invite you to join us in Jacksonville 30 April-5 May 2007 to continue the ICCRS journey of discovery. I urge you to send delegates from your prayer group or community to be part of this significant event. ICCRS is firmly committed to the call of Pope John Paul II and of Pope Benedict XVI for ecclesial maturity in order that we might serve the Church and worldwide Catholic Charismatic Renewal. I look forward to greeting many of you in Jacksonville, Florida on 30 April 2007. Brochures with all details and costs will be available very soon. Allan Panozza, President of ICCRS

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“I feel deeply honored to host this International Conference in the city of Jacksonville, located in my diocese. I can only imagine the spiritual benefits of an International Conference focused on the charism of healing for my own diocese as well as for the universal Church.” Most Rev. Victor Galeone, Bishop of St Augustine (Celebrant of the opening Mass of the School)
“The National Service Committee of the CCR in the United States is pleased and excited to be a sponsor with ICCRS for the School of Healing Prayer®. What a grace to the Church and to God’s people is the awakened awareness that healing is a gift that brings to our hearts and minds the fact that God is our healer. Through His great mercy God leads us to seek healing and He gifts us to be instruments of His healing.” Aggie Neck, Chairman NSC

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