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The ICCRS office receives numerous prayer requests and the staff begins its service each morning with a time of prayer for these specific intentions before resuming our normal operations. Masses at the ICCRS office are offered as well for those intentions. 

The information you submit will not be published. ICCRS could use the email only to send you the ICCRS newsletter and any other communication regarding its mission and the Charismatic Catholic Renewal. 

By sending your request, we in turn ask you to pray for others who have requested prayers from ICCRS.


How to Make a Prayer Request

Send your prayer request in the language that is comfortable for you.

Follow one of these three methods:

1. Online 
Fill out the form to make a prayer request online. As you submit your own request, please pray also for those who have asked for prayer before you. 

2. E-mail
Send your prayer request by e-mail to Remember to specify your name, last name, city and country of residence.

3. Fax prayer line
Call us or send your prayer request by fax at +39 06 6988 7230. Remember to specify your name, last name, city and country of residence.

Thanksgiving & Testimonies

It is good that, when our prayers have been answered, we give thanks and praise the Lord for all he has done for us. For those who want to give a brief testimony and share your thanksgiving, please click here to visit the ‘Thanksgiving and Testimonies’ page


Prayer Request

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