Report: Open European CCR Conference · Warsaw, Poland


I have come to bring fire to the earth! (Lk 12,49)

European CCR-Conference in Warsaw, 1-4th October 2015


500 participants from more than 35 nations came to Warsaw, Poland, in order to take part in the first European CCR-conference since 2002, organized by ESCI (European Subcommittee of ICCRS). During the preparation we felt that the CCR on our continent needs encouragement - and truly this event was an inspiration for everyone participating!

“People call Europe a weak and old Lady, and often we feel like that, also in the CCR. But: What do people walking in the dessert need most?!” I asked during the opening session. „When you are in the dessert, you must not forget that there is Promised Land ahead! I think it is time to regain our Promised Land as CCR in Europe! It is time to focus again on the Lord instead of our problems and poverty. It is time to live in the power of the Holy Spirit again!“

The weekend in Warsaw was truly about focusing on our identity and calling as CCR. Dr. Mary Healy (Michigan, USA), chair of the doctrinal commission of ICCRS, spoke about living in the power of the Holy Spirit: “The Holy Spirit is the only answer for the problems of today! The Lord is calling us to live in this current of grace. There are so many people around us who do not know God! The new evangelisation can only be done/lived in the power of the Holy Spirit!”

Mary Healy encouraged the audience not to neglect the baptism in and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. She clearly stated: “The supernatural must be NORMAL for us Christians!”

The following day, Dr. Johannes Hartl (Augsburg, Germany), founder of the “House of Prayer in Augsburg”, spoke about the situation of Europe today (refugees, situation of society, church and CCR) and stated that Christians always have a choice between two options: Option 1 (“strengthened by God”) is always better than option 2 (“fearful”). He asked: “What is better: a crisis in Europe or fearful Christians? Fear and anxieties lead us into slavery. It is much better to live in the freedom of the sons and daughters of the Lord! Only then can we face the problems of today and to see a victory as David experienced facing the giant Goliath!” Johannes continued: “The world is changing, but let us not make the mistake of trying to live a comfortable life – the gospel is always challenging us!

In the end of his talk Johannes mentioned three areas he thinks the CCR needs to focus on during the next years: (1) clear, biblical and practical teaching, (2) encouragement to live a deep prayer life and (3) courageous and gift-orientated leadership.

Of course the participants had the chance to go deeper into these and other topics during the workshops that were held in the afternoons.

Encouraging testimonies from Malta (Life in the Spirit seminars for priests) and Slovakia (reconciliation in society and unity among Christians) underlined the teachings of Mary Healy and Johannes Hartl.

Eucharistic celebrations were led by Polish bishops who came to meet us (because they are friends of the polish CCR) and by two bishops who participated in the conference: Bishop Bronislav Dembowski (Poland) and Archbishop Kevin McDonald (England).

The evening sessions always started with some input from “outside”: On Friday we had Monsignore Miguel Delgado (Pontifical Council of Laity, Vatican) with us, who reminded us of the true identity of the CCR in the church by presenting the most important statements of Pope Francis about the CCR and its nature and calling. On Saturday we had a representative of the World-Youth-Day-Office in Krakow (Poland) with us who invited the whole CCR to send youth to the WYD in Krakow 2016.

Both evenings ended into a time of praise and worship, ministry and prayer.

Praise and worship was led by “Jacobs Ladder”, a lively and enthusiastic group of young charismatics from the Netherlands who helped us to enter into the presence of the Lord in a powerful way.

At the end of the conference, Michelle Moran (England, president of ICCRS), again encouraged all those present to go and to live in the power of the Holy Spirit. “Of course in Europe we live in difficult times today! But we only can learn from our sisters and brothers from other continents: Where there is persecution, faith is rising! Yes, Europe is a weak and sometimes difficult continent – but God has not forgotten Europe! Those who only focus on their problems will only see their problems! Who is not looking ahead lacks vision! God wants us to live in the freedom of the sons and daughters of God and in the power of His Spirit! Let us go home now, strengthened by this hope he gave to us during these last days!“

We have received a lot of feedback telling us that the participants were encouraged and blessed in many ways during the conference.

“Thank you” to those who came to be with us, “thank you” to those who prayed for us, “thank you” to those who helped to make this conference a blessing to many!

Dn. Christof Hemberger

chairman of the European subcommittee of ICCRS (ESCI)




01 Bishop Andrzej Siemieniewski Thur Homily

02 opening session - Darek Jeziorny i Christof Hemberger

03 They were all filled with the Holy Spirit - Mary Healy

04 Growing in the charisms for a new evangelisation - Mary Healy

05 Absp. Jozef Gorzynski - homily - Friday

06 ministry time - Mons. Miguel Delgado Galindo - Friday

07 session 3 - Europe - God's mission field - Dr. Johannes Hartl

08 session 4 - testimonies - God did not forget us in Europe! - Saturday

09 Absp. Kevin McDonald - homily - Saturday

10 ministry time - Saturday

11 Fr. Wilfried Brieven - homily- Sun

12 Hope for Europe Michelle Moran



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1 - 4 October 2015


The European subcommittee of ICCRS invites you for an open European conference of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. This will take place in Poland in 2015.
We have not met at European level since 2002 – where we spent a very blessed time in Czestochowa (see the 2002 report).

The meeting in 2015 will be an open conference for everyone in the CCR and shall be an encouragement to all CCR in our time!

Dr. Mary Healy (USA), Dr. Johannes Hartl (Germany), Michelle Moran (England) and other exciting speakers will be with us.


Date and Place
The conference will take place from 1st – 4th October 2015 in Warsaw, Poland. We will provide accommodation in hotels and retreat-houses close by as well as a shuttle from/to the airport and the train-station in Warsaw.


We offer a simple but good lunch and supper. The first meal is supper on 1st October and the last meal is lunch on 4th October 2015. Costs: 50 Euro in total.


Between 1st and 4th of October 2015 we offer to pick you up in the morning and return you to your accommodation in the evening for 22,00 Euro per person.


Airport / Train-station Shuttle
We offer to pick you up from the airport (Warsaw only!) or train station (Warszawa Centralna = main station only!) on 1st October – and return you to the airport/train-station on 4th October 2015. For this shuttle we charge 10,00 Euro per person.


Pilgrimage / Tour
For those who would like to extend their stay in Poland and visit some of it’s beautiful places we offer 2 options to do so. Both options begin and end in Warsaw:

a) Pilgrimage to Czestochowa: 4th - 5th October 2015 (Details)
b) Tour to Czestochowa, Krakow etc.: 4th - 7th of October 2015 (Details)

Please see all details on the extra-flyer.


The conference will take place at the Robert-Schumann-Hall, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw. Address: ul. Wóycickiego 1/3, Warsaw, Poland.



Category A: 150,00 Euro
For participants coming from:
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.

Category B: 100,00 Euro
For participants coming from:
Albania, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine.

Please note:
The registration fee must be bank-transferred to our account (see below) before 1st
September 2015. In case of cancellation we will charge the following cancellation-fee:

  • cancellations received on or before 31st July: 0,00 Euro
  • cancellations received on or before 15th September: 50%
  • cancellations received after 15th September: 100%

Please send your fully-filled registration form to:

- Email:
- postal address:
ul. Ks. Słojewskiego 19, Magdalenka
05-552 Wólka Kosowska, POLSKA

If you have any questions, please contact us via the above email address (the preferred option) or by telephone: 0048 884 808 220


Kindly finalize your payment by 31st May 2015 to enable us to cater for your needs. After that date we cannot promise to be able to offer all required options! In case your application is sent to us later than 31st August 2015 we ask you to bring along your bank transfer receipt as proof of payment! Please transfer your total payment to the following account:

Fundacja KZK Katolickiej Odnowy w Duchu Sw.
ul. Ks. Słojewskiego 19, Magdalenka
Meritum Bank
IBAN/PL: PL97 1300 0000 2714 8240 2000 0003

If you are paying for more than 1 person please make sure you let us know all the names of the people you are paying for!



We offer accommodation in 3 different categories on “first come, first served” basis. The costs of the rooms depend on the standard of the hotels/retreat houses and include “bed & breakfast”. All rooms are with toilets and showers.

  Single room                     Bed in double/triple room Single Bed in multiple room (4-6 beds)
Hotel type A  36,00* Euro  23,00* Euro  
Retreat house Type B  23,00* Euro  17,00* Euro 13,00* Euro
Retreat house Type C  18,00* Euro  13,00 Euro 11,00* Euro

(*) costs per person per night incl. breakfast


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