Holiness in Charismatic Renewal

On the occasion of the CCR Golden Jubilee of the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church, ICCRS and the Catholic Fraternity feel important indeed to testify that the Baptism in the Spirit has been for fifty years a true path to holiness for many Christians. So, we are seeking to know if in your communities or groups there are people who died in the odor of sanctity and a process of canonization has been opened at the diocesan level for them.
You certainly know that this is the case, for example, for father Emiliano Tardif. If you know of others, we would be very grateful to you for giving us the names of these ‘servants of God’ and if possible the address of persons involved in the postulation of their causes. We are planning - if this will be possible - to realize a specific event on this topic during our Jubilee celebrations in Rome, at Pentecost 2017. Please, contact us at info@ccrgoldenjubilee2017.org.

Pentecost and Holy Spirit in Art

ICCRS and Catholic Fraternity are deeply thankful to those artists who, with their charisms and genius, are using art as a new expression to spread the ‘Culture of Pentecost’ and the experience of the ‘Baptism in the Holy Spirit’. So, in preparation of the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church, we are seeking charismatic artists of any continent and culture who are interested in collaborating with us to create a public exhibition of art works in Rome during the CCR Golden Jubilee event on the specific topics: the Holy Spirit and Pentecost.
People who are interested to be part of this project and to exbhit art works, please contact us at info@ccrgoldenjubilee2017.org for more information and arrangements.

An Anthem for the CCR Golden Jubilee

Do you think it will be good to have an ‘anthem’ for our CCR 50th anniversary? That could be played in the important moments of our celebrations at Pentecost 2017?
ICCRS and CF are organizing a competition to encourege you to compose and send us a song by 15 March 2017. This song or music should be about the Holy Spirit or about Pentecost or the Jubilee celebration itself.
All the songs would be screened by a commission of trusted and qualified people, who would evaluate each creation according to some general parameters.
To the winner we will offer the possibility to perform ‘live’ during our Jubilee celebrations in Rome. In addition, we will maybe publish a small online collection that people can download.
For more info write to info@ccrgoldenjubilee2017.org.


Please for more information click here to visit the CCR Golden Jubilee 2017 website

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