LTC · Kkottongnae, South Korea

5 - 13 July 2008


The ICCRS Leadership Training Course is for people of all ages, from charismatic organisations worldwide who want to spend some time of their lives being formed in leadership within the CCR.

The programme will include daily Mass, Eucharist Adoration and a time of Charismatic Praise and Worship. The teachings will cover: the foundations and vision of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (Ecclesiology, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, the Histoy of the CCR, a Theology of Mission); and practical help and ideas for ministry (elements of a prayer meeting, basic techniques for evangelisation, the life of leaders). There will also be time for reflection, sharing and ministry.

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5-13 July · Main event
5 July · Optional volunteer programme at Kkottongnae Community
6-12 July · Leadership Training Course including half day Pilgrimage
13 July · Public Charismatic Open Rally

Venue & Accomodation

House of the Father: Kkotongnae Retreat Centre - South Korea


  • James Murphy, USA
  • Oreste Pesare, Italy
  • Br James Shin, South Korea
  • Fr Woongjin Oh, South Korea


Classes will be in English and Korean.


Cost per participant:

For locals
  • Course fee, food, accomodation: USD 200
  • Pilgrimage to the Jeoldoosan martyr and Marinae shrine: USD 50
  • One day optional volunteer programme: free
For foreigners
  • Free

Event Report


ICCRS held its FIRST Leardship Training Course (LTC) at the Kkottongnae Community in South Korea in June this year.

130 people participated in the event: 14 participants came from 7 other countries, while the Koreans themselves comprised 12 priests, 22 religious, and 82 lay leaders. 16 Korea dioceses were represented including the President of the South Korea National Service Committee, Fr Thomas Oh.

Br James Shin, an ICCRS council member and leader in the Kkottongne Community was instrumental in bringing the Course to Korea and caring for many aspects of the progamme during the week-long event.

The course material incluid studies in ecclesiology, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, the theology of mission, and the CCR.

In addition, several workshop were offered on various aspects of ministry in serving the CCR and the boader Church.

The group was also honored to receive words of inspiration from the Most Rev Vicent Ri, Bishop of Jeonju, who spoke about evangelization and used humor to reach the hearts of the participants. The group was also very touched by the words of Fr John Oh, founder of the Kkottongnae Community.

The evenings of the course were set aside for praise, reflection, and ministry. Many leaders reported being deeply touched by the evening services.

A highlight for all was the pilgrimage to the shrine of the Korean martyrs. The group actually had the opportunity to pray at the graves of these heros of faith. Many reported a sense of reveiving special graces while in a time of deep prayer.

The setting of the course led a great experience for prayer and study. Kkottongnae (Flower Village) is set in a lush mountain region. The beauty of the area is breathtaking. The accommodation was wonderful, and the community members of Kkottongnae were hospitable and very friendly.

A day-long public rally was held at the end of the course which drew close to 2,000 people. the excitement was almost eletric as Oreste Pesare Director of ICCRS, Bob Canton ICCRS Council member, and Jim Murphy Director of leadership formation ministered to the crowd, along with Fr Thomas Oh and Fr John Oh. Traditional Korean dances and drums were a meaningful part of the celebration and everyone seemed deeply touched by the day. ICCRS is pleased to work with its friends around the world. The LTC/KOREA was a huge blessing to all who participated.

Jim Murphy

Taken from the ICCRS Newsletter October-December 2008

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