“What we have heard and known, what our fathers have told us. We will not hide them from their children; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.”

Ps 78:3-4


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This course is given at the very heart of the ChurchA course in CharismaticLeadership

With leaders and potential leaders from around the worldThe course includes several field trips to historic Christian sights in Rome and its vicinity


ICCRS offers a Leadership Formation Institute programme. It is a three-week intensive course near the very heart of the Church in Rome, Italy.

Classes include studies in Scripture, Ecclesiology, Pneumatology, Mariology, Kerygma, CCR, Leadership and Ministry. Students will be offered practical teaching and workshops on various aspects of ministry within the CCR. In addition, the students go on several field trips to Christian sites, and dicastries of the Roman Curia.

The ICCRS Leadership Formation Institute began in response to John Paul II’s invitation to foster “ecclesial maturity” among leaders in CCR.

People of all ages delegates from charismatic organizations worldwide are invited to have a growth experience in leadership within the CCR. The programme is held primarily in English, but other languages are made available depending on the number of requests.




The goal of the LFI is to train leaders and potential leaders in serving the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit. We provide this program exclusively in Rome in order to expose the students to a truly ecclesial experience. We are happy to bring students to various offices of the Vatican in order for the students to see a much fuller picture of the life of the Church.


  • Give people a theological and ecclesial foundation for service.
  • Give people practical and helpful information, about serving the Church deepening the charismatic dimension.
  • Give people an opportunity to experience the transforming power of God’s love.
  • Create a network for people to share experience, support, and resources.




Our vision is to have capable leaders, located all over the world, using the charisms for service to the Church. We see a worldwide network of men and women who have a common experience and understanding of leadership formation and service, who serve the Church and the world with their gifts, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.




In the area of Teaching the Foundations/Passing on the Vision we will offer the following:

1. Ecclesiology gives us a most basic understanding of the Church we are part of and are desperate to serve. Key teaching points include: a brief time-line of the Church, how the Church sees herself, leadership/authority structure in the Church, Vatican II.
2. Baptism in the Holy Spirit helps us understand and appreciate what this gift is and its implication for us and the Church. Key teaching points include: An understanding of the Holy Spirit, role of Holy Spirit in the life of an individual and in the Church, charismatic experience of the Holy Spirit compared to sacramental experience of Holy Spirit, the experience of baptism in the Holy Spirit.
3. CCR gives an understanding of the movement and its functions as a servant of the Holy Spirit. Key teaching points include: A brief history of activity of the Holy Spirit in the Church prior to beginning of CCR, a brief history of the CCR since 1967, ecumenical aspects of CCR, CCR demographics, fruit of CCR, Papal approval of CCR, CCR today, ICCRS.
4. Theology of Mission points us outward, looking to the world which Jesus spoke of “Go forth and make disciples of all nations…” (Mt 18:29). Key teaching points include: Jesus’ command to evangelise, the Church’s teaching on evangelisation, the heart of a missionary.

In the area of Practicum we will offer the following:

1. Elements of a prayer meeting (I): Structure and format of prayer meeting, welcoming people, prophetic gifts/charisms during a prayer meeting.
2. Elements of a prayer meeting (II): Praise and worship, giving a teaching.
3. Elements of a prayer meeting (III): Prayer ministry, dealing with problems.
4. Evangelisation: basic techniques.
5. Life of a Leader (I): Essential qualities, charisms, and character traits of a leader.
6. Life of a Leader (II): Temptations, traps, pitfalls, and dangers for leaders. The need to honestly know ourselves.
7. Life of a Leader (III): Things leaders need to attend to in their own lives.
8. Life of a Leader (IV): Raising up new leaders/empowering others for ministry.

The programs of Reflection and Ministry would offer the following topics:

1. The Father: accepting the reality of the Fathers’ love, how to live as a child of the Father.
2. Jesus: The role of Jesus, the person of Jesus, living under the Lordship of Jesus.
3. The Holy Spirit: The Wind and Fire from above. The Counselor.
4. The Body of Christ: Finding the presence of God in the Church… and the world!
5. The Good News: A basic and joyful proclamation of the Gospel.



Requirements for participation

In order to participate, you should be a leader (or a future leader) of a prayer group or a community in Catholic Charismatic Renewal willing to further grow in leadership. Obtain a recommendation letter from the NSC of your country or from the leaders of your community as well as a letter from your parish priest or spiritual director. In summary, submit the following:

  • One passport photo.
  • Brief curriculum vitae with evidence of a leadership background.
  • Letter of recommendation from your National Service Committee or leaders of your Community.
  • Letter of recommendation from your parish priest or spiritual director.



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