Jean Christof Sakiti

I was baptised in the Holy Spirit in December 1984 when a monk who is also a priest prayed for me. At that time, I was a student. I attended a of Life in the Spirit seminar eight months earlier. After the training, our leaders told me that I was not ready for the baptism in the Holy Spirit, which was true. I was more concerned about my studies than that seminar. In December, I went to a retreat and the priest asked me if I would like him to pray for my baptism in the Holy Spirit. I accepted because I thought I was ready. When he prayed for me, I was filled with so much great peace and joy. I started singing in tongues with him. Starting from that time, my prayer became deeper.

Today I serve Renewal in two ways: I give formation to my brethren, leaders and all members everywhere there is a need and when they ask me. This is not only for Renewal but parish priests also use to ask me to come and give formation to their faithful. I also engage a lot in evangelisation in many dioceses in my country and in other countries.

Books I have read within 12 months: Et leurs yeux s’ouvrirent (The eyes of both were opened), Frédéric Marlière Amour et responsabilité (Love and responsibility), Carol Wojtyla and Prayer for Healing, International Colloquium, November 2001 The Renewal needs three things: we need a revival; we have lost the first love, the fire of the beginning has diminished; we need to wake up and move forward and go deeper in our love for God and for our brethren; and we need more commitment in the use of the charisms.

The Renewal must impact the Church more, starting from parishes. Our goal must be Baptism in the Holy Spirit for all Catholics. The Renewal must impact the World’s life: our evangelisation must go into every part of human life. We are called to change the society and lead people to Jesus Christ.

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