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Intercession Training Course was held on 2nd till 7th December 2016, It’s started at 4.30 pm and
finished at 12.00pm at Hotel Pullman Surabaya City Centre, Jalan Basuki Rahmat 67-73, Surabaya-East Java, Indonesia.

For this training, we expected 300 people with minimum targets are 150 people. Thanks God we had 266 participants and 3 speakers. From 266 participants, they are 32 people from overseas (Australia, India, Japan, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar) there is 1 priest among them and 234 people from Indonesia, which 9 of them are priests (from 24 Dioceses Renewal Services in Indonesia).Some of participants are intercessors on the prayer group, both new or already familiar with intercession, whom want to learn more about intercession.
The 3 speakers are:
1. Mrs. Michelle Moran, President of ICCRS (England)
2. Mr. Cyril John, Chairman of ICCRS Sub-Committee for Asia-Oceania (India)
3. Mrs. Anne Marie Gattenby, ISAO member (Australia).

During the training we have 9 activities, there are: Daily Mass with different theme, daily intercessory rosary, Daily Silent Adoration, 10 Talks, workshop, outreach intercessory, Rally, confession, Praise and worship.
Among those 9 activities we have three of most excited experience that participants choose beside the talks for sure, those are:

There were 3 kinds of workshops Intercession in group, lead by Mr. Cyril John, Workshop on charisma followed by intercession using charisma by Mrs. Michelle Moran and Mr. Peter Moran, Prophetic Intercession in Group, lead by Mr. Cyril John.
Each group around 10-12 persons and did Intercession, during that, participant felt amazing. God seems to rearrange the unthinkable to be a set of complete puzzle. With this workshop, it’s strengthen their personally. They feel needed to deeply pray for others. The fellowship with other prayers fortifies their faith.
The workshop having a guides practice helps a lot. Especially for new intercessors or the one just learned about intercession. They can’t imagine what is, and how is intercession. But after join this workshop, eventhough still difficult for them, but they know how to do, and will learn and practice more after that. It was a great learning experience. All their questions and doubt about intercessory prayer are answered.
By practicing with others, they confronted the fear and bravely spoke up. It turns out that other fellow have similar vision, the more confident when discerning prayers for others.
To the one who are intercessor is a new experience.They never imagines praying about other countries prior to this course. But in this course God gave them a vivid vision to pray for other countries, even gave the specific name of countries.

Outreach intercessory:
Participants divided into groups (39 groups) contain 4 to 12 people, and 25 people stay to pray in the hall. They visiting places mostly government office, some facilities such as tax office, prison, court, police station, custom, etc. This was new experience for all of them. Many responses we received on this outreach intercession. In one side, it felt unnatural, like being forced to pray and make prophecy. On the other side it was good experience the prophetic side or themselves in this modern area.
Some felt it was a very unique experience that they will never even think of it. They did not care about government prior to this outreach. It changes when they had this outreach experience. They had the urge to do bit in prayer for this country now. A lot of participant got amazing experience. One of group had to intercede for the government tax office. And all of them got the same vision of honest officials amongst the dishonest. So they intercede for the honest officers as for them to survive and be the light in the midst of the darkness of the world. There were 2 groups went to the same place, these group got same vision. They become more exciting and felt that they could do the intercession.
When they went to the government office, most of them got vision, they could see a lot of things that unseen,they saw other spirit, smell of blood.They learn how to pray in one spirit and one heart, even though they had to do with new persons that they didn’t know before.

Held in the Hall of Pullman Hotel. Attended around 700 persons, beside participants of ICCRS ITC, there are also people from Surabaya Renewal Services Diocese. We made free invitation to whom who wants to attend the praise and worship night. On this Praise and worship night, we do praise and worship with full band.
Testimony was lead by Mrs. Anne Marie Gattenby, and she asked 4 persons from 4 countries who gave testimony about intercession in their country (Qatar, UAE, and Indonesia).
Besides that, we did fundraiser for ICCRS, lead by Mr. Endie Rahardja, Indonesia Chairman NSC. He encouraged all people who present, to help ICCRS on 50 years Jubilee on June 2017.
Mrs. Michelle Moran gave preacher, to courage all to become an intercessor and as a worshipper as well.
A lot of participants said, they felt so blessed with the rally. They could feel it was well prepared; really felt the majesty of the Lord fell down upon them. The presence of God really amazed them.

Overall, their impression was: great learning, amazing experience, exciting, enriching their knowledge. Great joy to meet with fellow renewals from other part of this country and even other countries. This has been a real eye opener for some of them, changing their understanding of intercessory prayer.

Although intercessor is something quite familiar for some of them, but attend training for 6 days really give a complete insight of what is intercessor, intercessory prayer and how important it is.
Especially for people so called themselves Christian and more to be part of the charismatic renewal. They feel to really need to do is the prophetic intercession, especially nowadays for their country.
They learn how they were trained to be sensitive to the gentle voice of God. How the encourage to listen to God’s voice and to find His will.

Through the outreach program, they can see that they are really praying for 'other' people, as those offices and people have and will have no connection what so ever with them, but they still have to pray for them according to God's will.

All the speakers have mastered the topic through their years of experience, and they could explain them in a simple and interesting way and made them understand
The workshop was wonderful, and they need a workshop to understand the teaching.

According to the participants:

- ITC Surabaya was a one-of-a-kind experience.
- The venue was a five-star hotel in the heart of Surabaya. That in itself is a real plus point, as they can enjoy all the benefits of a fancy hotel for the whole week (great food with many choices, beautiful and comfortable room).
- All committees do the ministry with their heart, prepared everything with precision. The organizers were friendly, ready to help the participants. They organized the whole event really good, even the outreach was very smooth.
- All of the above have been really helpful, as the schedule is very tight and quite demanding. On the last few days, it's really hard to concentrate due to the fatigue.

Note from Mr. Endie Rahardja – Chairperson of Indonesia NSC:
1. ICCRS ITC in Surabaya was a wonderful experience to all participants. The teaching given by the Speakers was excellent, also the Committee did a very good job.
2. The venue, the music ministry, praise & worship team, all of them were excellent.
3. When the participants first looked at the time schedule given, they were amazed since it is a very tight schedule. But after they went through, they didn’t feel it, they all enjoy the course and all the fellowship among the participants.
4. Thank you for the support given by ICCRS and ISAO, to enable Indonesia to host this ICCRS ITC and thank you for the Committee from Surabaya Diocese. May God bless you and your ministry.



One week of intensive intercession training

“Pray in the Spirit at all times in every prayer and supplication”. (NRSV)
“You did not choose me but I chose you”. (NRSV)



From December 2nd to December 7th 2016, there will be an International Training Course on Intercession, called: “A call to prophetic Intercession”. This event of the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS) is a gift to the Church on the eve of the Great Jubilee Celebration, and is organized by the National Service Council of the CCR Indonesia in collaboration with CCRS Surabaya Diocese.


The ICCRS Intercession Training Course, which is a one-week school, is the concrete realization of the desire to form a large family of intercessors worldwide. Intercession, being at the heart of evangelization and mission, is well rooted in the Catholic tradition. It concerns all Christians, not just those who are members of a particular group or movement.
St. Paul, as with the Ephesians Christian community, makes this appeal: “Pray in the Spirit at all times in every prayer and supplication.” (Ep 6:18)
May that request be an invitation for us to turn to the Father, in the Spirit of Jesus.
The course includes Mass, Holy Hour and charismatic praise and worship on a daily basis, as well as silent Eucharistic adoration, intercessory rosary, various talks on intercession, intercession outreach in groups/prophetic intercession in groups, and so on.

Why an ITC?

The first Intercession Training Course (ITC) was organized in Trois Rivières, (Canada) in 2015. 500 people from 31 countries participated.
Sensing the powerful move of the Spirit, and desiring to make the information and experience as available to as many people as possible, ICCRS has decided to offer ITCs in all continents, regions and nations that would like to host the course.

The ICCRS Intercession Training Course is a way for ICCRS to deepen intercession in the Church worldwide. ICCRS is pleased to partner with charismatic realities worldwide in order to provide this programme that will train and equip those who sense a calling for intercession and to promote the ministry of intercession. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal responds to this urgent need by doing all we can to deepen the ministry of intercession!


The goal of the ITC is to train intercessors and potential intercessors in serving the Church in the ministry of prophetic intercession in the power of the Holy Spirit. We provide this programme locally during 4 full days of training (6 days in total, including the arrival and departure days).


  • Growth in holiness,
  • Development of trust in God in all things.
  • Deeper spiritual reflection.
  • Meditation on the life of Jesus, the main intercessor.
  • Full opening to the Holy Spirit, who is dwelling in us, strengthens us and gives us all the tools necessary for intercession.


At ICCRS we are convinced that intercession is the need of the hour, for the Church and for the world. We need to build up and strengthen the army of intercessors worldwide so that a new Pentecost can renew the face of the earth.


Several topics will be discussed such as:

  • What is intercession? Deepening our understanding
  • The call and urgency of intercession
  • Spiritual warfare in intercession
  • The repentant intercessor
  • Prophetic intercession
  • Suffering and intercession
  • The four wheels of intercession: Personal prayer, Word of God, Sacraments and fellowship
  • Tools for effective intercession

Some ICCRS Council members will be present:

The President, Mrs. Michelle Moran (England), will be there, as well as Mr. Cyril John (India), outgoing Vice-President of ICCRS Board, former Council member and Course Director; Mrs. Anne Marie Gattenby (Australia) she is actually living in Singapore and serving on the pastoral team for Singapore CCR. She also continues to serve on the Australian National Service Committee as coordinator for Intercessory prayer for the renewal throughout Australia. Endie Rahardja, recently elected as new Council Member representing ICCRS in Central, East and South East Asia.
Members of the Indonesia Charismatic Renewal Council will be present as well. Msgr Vincentius Sutikno Wisaksono, Bishop of Surabaya will preside inaugural Eucharistic Celebration.

Requirements for participation:

  • Letter of recommendation from your National Service Committee or leaders of your community. OR
  • Letter of recommendation from your parish priest or spiritual director.

Please bring small and big country flags as well.


  • This training is open to all. The course will be primarily in English.
  • Simultaneous translation into Bahasa Indonesia, will be provided, and vice versa.
  • Location of Event: Surabaya - Jawa Timur - Pullman Hotels and Resorts Pullman Surabaya City Centre Basuki Rahmat 67-73 Surabaya 60271 Indonesia

You will find all the necessary information for registration and accommodation on the site of:,, registration: or, by contacting Mrs. Antonia Devi Joewana


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