11th – 16th November 2018

“Pray in the Spirit at all times in every prayer and supplication” (NRSV).
“You did not choose me but I chose you” (NRSV).


From 11th to 16th November 2018 at "LA FORESTA" Vaalbeek near Leuven, will be held the:
"ICCRS Intercession Training Course - Call for Prophetic Intercession" - The Course Leader is Mr. Cyril John from India.
Following St-Paul, Cyril John, a member of ICCRS, tells us:

"Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals, Pentecostals and members of other churches agree that intercession is an urgent call of God for His people today. The Church and the world have a pressing need for liberation and only fervent intercession will fill them”.

The ICCRS Intercession Training Course, which is a one-week school, is the concrete realization of the desire to form a large family of intercessors worldwide. Intercession, being at the heart of evangelization and mission, is well rooted in the Catholic tradition. It concerns all Christians, not just those who are members of a particular group or movement.

St. Paul, as with the Ephesians Christian community, makes this appeal: “Pray in the Spirit at all times in every prayer and supplication” (Ep 6:18). May that request be an invitation for us to turn to the Father, in the Spirit of Jesus.

The course includes Mass, Holy Hour and charismatic praise and worship on a daily basis, as well as silent Eucharistic adoration, intercessory rosary, various talks on intercession, intercession outreach in groups/prophetic intercession in groups, and so on.

Why an ITC?

The first Intercession Training Course (ITC) was organized in Trois Rivières, (Canada) in 2015. 500 people from 31 countries participated. Sensing the powerful move of the Spirit, and desiring to make the information and experience as available to as many people as possible, ICCRS has decided to offer ITCs in all continents, regions, and nations that would like to host the course.

The ICCRS Intercession Training Course is a way for ICCRS to deepen intercession in the Church worldwide. ICCRS is pleased to partner with charismatic realities worldwide in order to provide this programme that will train and equip those who sense a calling for intercession and to promote the ministry of intercession. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal responds to this urgent need by doing all we can to deepen the ministry of intercession!

The goal of the ITC is to train intercessors and potential intercessors in serving the Church in the ministry of prophetic intercession in the power of the Holy Spirit. We provide this programme locally during 4 full days of training (6 days in total, including the arrival and departure days).


  • Growth in holiness
  • Development of trust in God in all things
  • Deeper spiritual reflection
  • Meditation on the life of Jesus, the main intercessor
  • Full opening to the Holy Spirit, who is dwelling in us, strengthens us and gives us all the tools necessary for intercession

At ICCRS we are convinced that intercession is the need of the hour, for the Church and for the world. We need to build up and strengthen the army of intercessors worldwide so that a new Pentecost can renew the face of the earth.

Several topics will be discussed such as:

  • What is intercession? Deepening our understanding
  • The call and urgency of intercession
  • Spiritual warfare in intercession
  • The repentant intercessor
  • Prophetic intercession
  • Suffering and intercession
  • The four wheels of intercession: Personal prayer, Word of God, Sacraments and fellowship
  • Tools for effective intercession

Requirements for participation:

  • Brief curriculum vitae with evidence of leadership background
  • Letter of recommendation from your National Service Committee or leaders of your community
  • Letter of recommendation from your parish priest or spiritual director
  • One passport photo
  • Please bring small and big country flags as well.

By mail:
On the site: www.renouveaunamurlux.org
By sending back the form to: Centre du Renouveau - Session ICCRS
Rue de la Linière 14
1060 Saint Gilles

For more information please email Beuten Annick: nickyabjebe@gmail.com or call 00 32 (0) 470 74 62 11

Please click here to downloand the the registration form:
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May the Holy Spirit inspire the creation of ministries and intercessory centers in the Church to "stand in the gap" before God and intercede for the coming of God's Kingdom.


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