In order to encourage co-operation, ICCRS will wherever possible set up regional sub-committees, consisting of the ICCRS Director and the ICCRS Councillors from that region, together with 3 or 4 members elected by the National Service Committees of the region. The sub-committee would be chaired by one of the ICCRS Councillors. The ICCRS Council members will decide how such elections are to be conducted. The President of ICCRS may by right attend any meetings of a regional sub-committee as a full member. (pag. 8 ICCRS Statutes)



ESCI is the European Sub-committee of ICCRS, comprised of:
• Dn Christof Hemberger (Germany) • ICCRS Councillor – Chairperson
• Katka Lachmanová (Czech Republic) Vice-Chairperson
• Kees Slijkerman (Netherlands) – Secretary
• Ian Yardley (UK) – Youth Representative
• Jude Muscat (Malta) • ICCRS Councillor
• Fr Wojciech Nowacki (Poland) • ICCRS Councillor
• Gerard Farrel (UK)
• Dn Etienne Mellot (France)
• Eva Sido (Hungary)
• Michelle Moran (UK) • ICCRS President
• Oreste Pesare (Italy) • ICCRS Director
• Charles Whitehead (UK) – Advisor


AFSCI is the African Sub-committee of ICCRS, comprised of:
• Jean Christophe Sakiti (Togo) • ICCRS Councillor – Chairperson
• Francis Edo Olotu (Nigeria) • ICCRS Councillor – Vice-chairperson
• Joseph Alumansi (Uganda)
• Pascal Bahogwere (Rwanda)
• Valère Francis Baliaba (Cameroon)
• Joanne Chaipa (Zimbabwe)
• Alice Modisenyane (Botswana)
• Louis Auguste Traore (Mali)
• Isaac Ukpokolo (Nigeria)
• Michelle Moran (UK) • ICCRS President
• Oreste Pesare (Italy) • ICCRS Director


ISAO is the ICCRS Sub-committee for Asia-Oceania, comprised of:
• Cyril John (India) – Chairperson
• Felix Ali Chendra (Indonesia) – Vice-chairperson
• Gerard Francisco (Singapore) – Secretary
• Brendan Woodnutt (New Zealand) /Ms Diana Ingle (New Chair of NZ NSC) will replace Brendan from 2017
• Ann Brerenton (Australia) • ICCRS Councillor
• Bishop Francis Kalist (India) - ICCRS Councillor
• Endie Rahardja (Indonesia) - ICCRS Councillor
• Joseph C. V. (Kuwait)
• Ann Marie Gatenby (Australia) - Intercession Coordinator
• Marietta Gube (Hong Kong)
• Fr Paul Hata (Japan)
• D. Lourdes Jude (United Arab Emirates) - being confirmed as there is a new Chairman
• Ranjana Kaviratne (Sri Lanka)
• Roy Pascal (Qatar)
• Helene Reichl (Taiwan)
• Arcadio Tamayo (Philippines)
• Simon Mathew (Peninsular Malaysia)
• George Thien (Malaysia-East)
• Choi Titus (South Korea)
• Vernon Fernandes (Oman)
• Johny Kuriakose (Bahrain)
• Michelle Moran (UK) • ICCRS President
• Oreste Pesare (Italy) • ICCRS Director

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