ICCRS office welcomes occasional collaborators from Rome

4 September 2012


Following the process of organisation, systematisation and digitalisation of information and resources stored in our archive, heritage of the CCR, the ICCRS office needs the urgent help of CCR occasional collaborators residing in Rome. These may come to the office within the regular working hours (9.30-17.30), by mutual agreement with the Director, to accomplish tasks such as: typing texts, scanning documents and photos, organising library materials, uploading videos, etc. Therefore, we extend our invitation to members of the CCR present in groups and communities in Rome so that, “rendering service with a good will as to the Lord and not to man” (Eph 6:7), they may join us in this mission of service to the CCR worldwide in the heart of the Catholic Church. If interested, please contact us at +39 06 69887126/7 or {encode="director@iccrs.org" title=director@iccrs.org}. Visit the page dedicated to collaborators for more information.

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