I Leadership Formation Institute · Rome, Italy

5 - 25 June 2005


In 2005, ICCRS established the International Institute for Catholic Charismatic Leadership Formation. The Institute is a serious and concrete response to the mandate that Pope John Paul II gave to ICCRS to promote a “solid and profound Christian formation” in the CCR in view of the “vocation and mission in the Church and in the world”.

"There is an urgent need to proclaim with strength as well as to have a solid and deep Christian formation. How much need there is today for mature Christian leaders, who are aware of their own vocation and mission in the Church and in the world!"
John Paul II

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The Person of the Holy Spirit, the theology and the experience of the Holy Spirit, Charismatic Renewal, Charismatic spirituality, CCR and the Magisterium of the Church, Leadership in CCR.

Target Audience

People of all ages delegated from Charismatric organisations who want to spend some time of their lives being formed in leadership within the CCR.

Venue & Accomodation

Fraterna Domus - Rome, Italy.
Via Montecaminetto, 2 - 00060
Sacrofano - Roma (Rm)


Classes will be in English.


1.200 € per person (includes course fee, food and accomodation).


Video Invitation by Allan Panozza


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International Institute for Catholic Charismatic Leadership Formation

On Pentecost of 1998, Our Holy Father, John Paul II called the CCR to a greater level of ecclesial maturity. ICCRS is attempting to address that call with a bold and exciting programme. It's called The Leadership Formation Institute, and will run from June 5th to June 25th 2005, in Rome, Italy.

The goal of the Institute is to provide solid teaching and practical pastoral training for the next generation of leaders and servants in the CCR. At the same time, the Institute promises to be a great benefit for leaders and servants in the Renewal who have served for many years, but are still interested in growing deeper in The Lord, and in service.

Some of the topics covered include: The person of the Holy Spirit, the Theology and the experience of the Spirit, Charismatic Renewal, CCR and the Magisterium of the Church, and leadership in the CCR; as well as practical pastoral training in the following other important areas: Leadership and discipleship in the CCR, relationship with brothers and sisters in the Church, charisms and evangelisation.

The school teaching staff will include Fr. Bob Faricy, Fr. Peter Hocken, Fr. Ernest Sievers, Fr. Ra-niero Cantalamessa, Pepe Prado Flores and Charles Whitehead, while ICCRS member Jim Murphy will be the overall director for the Institute.

What makes this program so unique is that ICCRS is committed to the Institute being fully Catholic, fully Charismatic, and truly international.

Some of the sessions will not be held in a classroom but on actual historic sites within Rome. The programme will also include visits to various Church offices which will allow students to see first-hand a broad spectrum of life and service within the Church.

The Institute will go beyond theory. Much of the programme time will be devoted to giving students hands-on, practical experience in different aspects of ministry.

This program is a must for those who are serious about bringing a balanced and integrated perspective of ministry into their local expression of the Charismatic Renewal. While potential leaders are especially encouraged to attend, as mentioned above, many whohaveserved in the Charismatic Renewal for many years will also benefit from the programme.

By James Murphy

Taken from the ICCRS Newsletter, January-February 2005

Event Report





By any measure, ICCRS’ first International Leadership Formation Institute, held just outside of Rome from June 5 through the 24th was a resounding success.


Fourty three students from sixteen countries gathered for three weeks of teaching, fellowship, ministry, and prayer.

They were taught by an international cadre of teachers including: Steve Clark (USA), Fr. Peter Hocken (England), Fr. Ernest Sievers (Uganda), Charles Whitehead (England), Pepe Prado (Mexico), Michelle Moran (England), Fr. Robert Faricy (Rome), Jim Murphy (USA) and Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko (Vatican). Topics ranged from in-depth studies of the person of the Holy Spirit, to a history and perspective of Catholic Renewal. Practical teachings on group issues, topics of ministry, and service to others were also included.

The ICCRS staff, who also come from all over the world, extended warm hospitality to the Institute attendees. Besides coming out to the site to help in any way they could, the ICCRS office held an ‘open house’ (including a bountiful lunch!), to share with the students the working of ICCRS and its interface with the Vatican.

Some of the best moments of learning came when the students took ‘field trips’ to key sights in Rome, as well as important Vatican offices. They met with Bsp. Robert Saran in the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, and with Bsp. Joseph Clemens, secretary for the Pontifical Council for the Laity. One impressed student commented, “This is fantastic! It’s not ‘us’ vs ‘them.’ We all love Jesus. We all want the same things. We are one Church!”

Beyond the Vatican Offices, the learning experience continued as the Institute members visited Marmitino prison (where Ss Peter and Paul were held before their execution), the Coliseum, and the tombs of the Popes in a grotto beneath the floor of St Peter’s Basilica. In each location there were profound times of reflection and powerful moments of prayer. Some students commented that the entire Institute would have been worth it “for the field trips alone.”

One additional journey for the group was a trip to St Peter’s square for a public audience with the newly elected Pope Benedict XVI. Heavy rains chilled the bodies, but not the spirits of the ICCRS representatives, who began singing in the rain while waiting for a glimpse of the Holy Father….who came very near to where the group was waiting!

In addition to the field trips and classes, the team was strengthened by daily mass, sessions of praise and worship, a daily hour of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, and opportunities for ministry.

As the Institute progressed, students were put into teams to help with liturgies, music, and ministry times. It was exciting to see the creativity and variety of gifts that were present in each group.

A benefit of such an international group of students and teachers was that a very broad perspective of Catholic Charismatic Renewal and the world-wide Church could be seen. Many students commented that their view of the Church and the Renewal was stretched way beyond what they had understood before coming to the Institute.

The group had opportunities to share their lives and experiences with one another, whether it was in the classroom, at the dinner table, of just taking a walk during a few moments of free time. As the Institute came to an end, pictures were taken, email addresses were exchanged, and friendships were formed.

The purpose of the Institute is to help raise up a new generation of servants for the Charismatic Renewal, as well as give some encouragement and support to veteran leaders. This is done through teaching, ministry, fellowship, and interactive visits with various entities in Rome.

As pleased as everyone was with the first Institute, ICCRS sees this as only the beginning. “Of course we are very excited with this first Institute” Director Pesare said “but we must continue to improve and expand the program in the future. There is a real need for a service like this. An Institute that is both authentically Catholic and at the same time authentically Charismatic. This is a great service not only to the Renewal, but to the Church as well.”

Allan Panozza, the President of ICCRS echoed the Director’s enthusiasm by referring to the Institute as, “a wonderful opportunity to come to Rome to experience first hand the power of the spirituality of Charismatic Renewal.”

While details have not been organized as of yet, ICCRS planners are already looking toward the second International Leadership Formation Institute. Keep watching the newsletter and this website for more information.

See you at the 2nd Institute!

Jim Murphy, Institute Director

Pope John Paul II's greeting to the participants of the LFI during the general audience · Wednesday, 22 June 2005

"I am happy to greet all the English-speaking visitors present at this Audience, including pilgrims from England, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka and the United States of America. I offer a special welcome to the women religious attending a Formators Course, to the members of the Choir of the Pontifical Josephinum College, and to the representatives of the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services. May your time in Rome bring you joy in the Lord's service, and may God bless you all!"

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