Deacon Christof Hemberger · Vice President

Christof Hemberger lives with his family in Ravensburg, South Germany, where he and his wife Sabine belong to the local Immanuel community. Christof is a social-worker and permanent deacon.

Born in 1974, Christof has been involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal from his youth. He came into a personal relationship with Jesus and baptised in the Holy Spirit as a teenager. At the age of 17 he became the leader of a CCR youth prayer group.

In 1992 Christof became a member of the diocesan CCR leadership team, and in 1997 of the leadership of the national CCR youth ministry in Germany. Christof has been working full-time for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Germany ( since 2000.

From 2000 on he served as the chariperson of the service committee for the national youth ministry, which he established and lead until 2008.

He is now responsible for the national staff and leadership training of the German CCR. Christof is a well-known leader and speaker, teaching at regional, national and international conferences. Several articles by Christof have been published in journals and books in German speaking countries.

In 2004 he became a member of the European Subcommittee of ICCRS and in 2009 he joined the ICCRS Council, where he is responsible for Northern and Western Europe.

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