Denise Bergeron

Denise Bergeron has been a member of the Covenant Center of Prayer for 34 years.

When she was about 17, after living a strong personal experience of the living Lord while at a prayer group, she felt the desire to follow Jesus and His Church more fully. This marvellous experience of the Baptism in the Spirit moved her deeply and gave her a new dynamism. The love of the Word of God, the Sacraments, and prayer became more and more alive in her daily life.

After several weekends of renewal and a short stay at the Covenant Center of Prayer in Trois-Rivières, this call became more pressing. She met a group of committed lay people, eager to make the Good News known and to live in fellowship. The love, joy and life that she experienced in this friendly Community overwhelmed her, and this spiritual experience led her to remain longer with them and to commit herself to join this evangelisation group at the heart of the Charismatic Renewal. After a three year formation, she committed herself to the Lord in this Community.

Denise was a member of the Association of Delegates of the Charismatic Renewal for more than ten years and has been a member of the Canadian Council of the Charismatic Renewal for several years. She evangelizes through teaching and training to the charismatic life (Seminars of the Life in the Spirit), as well as animating groups. She also participates in the organization of Conferences. She is particularly involved in the ministry of inner healing through sessions of Christotherapy conducted at the Covenant Center of Prayer. Her experience at the Covenant Center led her to give sessions in Canada, Boston, New York, Guadeloupe, Martinique and France.

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