Deliverance Ministry

Original title: Deliverance Ministry
Author: ICCRS Doctrinal Commission
Year: 2017 (1st edition)
Pages: 134
Weight: 183 gr
ISBN: 9788894257472
Language: English
Price: USD 10.00

Deliverance ministry is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that testify to the abundance of grace granted by God to the whole Church through Catholic Charismatic Renewal.
Wherever the Gospel is proclaimed, there the Kingdom of God spreads its light and peace and emits its immense healing powers. Throughout its many decades of experience, Catholic Charismatic Renewal has experienced that the proclamation of the good news about the love of God the Father, who forgives humankind through Jesus the Son, frees people from their sin, allows them to share in God’s nature by filling them with the Holy Spirit, and calls them to new life as children of God.

In other words, the encounter with Jesus Christ, who rose again and lives, transforms people’s lives. As a con-sequence, whilst they come to have great awareness of God’s mercy and of their dignity as God’s children, they also acquire a clearer understanding of the dark points in their lives that are impediments to communion with God, with all men and women, and to a Christian life lived to the full. As the Gospel reminds us, the presence of the light of the Word brings out the darkness that is within us (cf. Jn 1:5).

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This book is available in other countries and languages:


French (France)

Title: Le Ministère de delivrance

Year: 2017 (1st edition)

Publishing house: Éditions des Béatitudes




Portuguese (Brazil)

Title: Ministerio de Libertaçao

Year: 2018 (1st edition)

Publishing house:  RCC BRASIL




Ukrainian (Ukraine)


Year: 2018 (1st edition)

Publishing house: Association of Charismatic Communities

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