Charismatic Renewal: a Grace, a Challenge, and a Mission

Original title: Charismatic Renewal: a Grace, a Challenge, and a Mission
Author: ICCRS
Publishing house: ICCRS
Year: 2000 (1st Edition)
Pages: 158
Weight: 201 gr
Language: English
Price: USD 7.00

The ICCRS Newsletter, for many years, has offered excellent articles by leaders in the Charismatic Renewal. Charismatic Renewal: a Grace, a Challenge and a Mission is a selection of articles that articulates the vision and mission of the Charismatic Renewal.

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This book is available in other countries and languages:



French (France)

Title: Le Renouveau Charismatique: Une grâce, un défi et une mission

Year: 2002 (1st edition)

Publishing house: Éditions des Béatitudes




Italian (Italy) OUT OF PRINT

Title: Una grazia, una sfida, una missione. Il Rinnovamento Carismatico Cattolico nella chiesa del terzo millennio

Year: 2000 (1st edition)

Publishing house: Edizioni RnS




Spanish (Argentina) – OUT OF PRINT

Title: Renovación Carismática: una gracia, un desafío y una mission

Year: 2001 (1st edition)

Publishing house: Kyrios

Contact information:


Portuguese (Brazil) – OUT OF PRINT

Title: Renovação Carismática: uma graça, um desafio e uma missão

Year: 2000 (1st edition)

Publishing house: Editora COMDEUS

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