Then Peter Stood Up... - Special Closeout!

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THE STORY OF AN UNBELIEVER WHO IS BECOMING A BELIEVER!: Oreste’s powerful and virile encounter with God slowly develops into a close relationship between a loving Father and a son who learns to open his heart more and more to God’s grace. He becomes more aware of not wanting to ‘use’ God for his own needs but rather wanting to be ‘used by’ God for His purpose. He becomes available to serve the spiritual and material needs of others, near and far. What we are shown is a marvellous exchange: if you take care of the Kingdom of God, He, the Lord, will take care of you and your life in a very concrete way...

Deliverance Ministry

Deliverance ministry is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that testify to the abundance of grace granted by God to the whole Church through Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

Then Peter Stood Up... Addendum to the 2012 edition

This addendum contains addresses by His Holiness Pope Francis to the CCR in the years 2014-2015


This book represents the fruit of an international colloquium on Charisms organized in 2008 by ICCRS and the Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Covenant Communities and Fellowships, and it deepens the theological and pastoral inderstanding of the role of charisms and how to discern, guide, and foster their use in the Church.

Then Peter stood up...

This updated version “in English” includes the Popes’ messages and documents to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) up to today. The photo collection includes new pictures testifying the deep relationship between the present Pope and the CCR.

Pray Lifting up Holy Hands: The Prayer of Intercession

“All of us are called to be intercessors. I, therefore, recommend the book to all the faithful for detailed study. It is an excellent guide for those specially called to the ministry of intercession. It will also serve as solid reference for those involved in imparting teachings on intercession.”

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

The purpose of the present document is to offer both theological reflections on the meaning of baptism in the Spirit and pastoral guidelines for the reception and living out of this grace among the faithful, both as individuals and in groups.

Guidelines on Prayers for Healing

“I hope this document will be studied and put into practice by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal worldwide, becoming a point of reference for all who want to place the charisms they have received at the service of the Church and the new evangelization.”

A sign of hope for all people

For years to come the memory of Pope John Paul II will remain fresh in the minds and hearts of many. This small booklet compiled by the Director of ICCRS, Oreste Pesare, will help to enrich those memories for the millions of people worldwide who readily identify themselves as members of CCR.
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