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A sign of hope for all people

For years to come the memory of Pope John Paul II will remain fresh in the minds and hearts of many. This small booklet compiled by the Director of ICCRS, Oreste Pesare, will help to enrich those memories for the millions of people worldwide who readily identify themselves as members of CCR.

Prayer for Healing

They are the “Acts” emanated from the International Colloquium on Prayer for Healing and the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church. The meeting, held in Rome in 2001, was convened by the Pontifical Council for the Laity together with ICCRS.

Charismatic Renewal: a Grace, a Challenge, and a Mission

The ICCRS Newsletter, for many years, has offered excellent articles by leaders in the Charismatic Renewal. Charismatic Renewal: a Grace, a Challenge and a Mission is a selection of articles that articulates the vision and mission of the Charismatic Renewal.

The Vocation of a Leader: Called, Gifted, and Sent

A few years ago ICCRS Council decided to include, within its bimonthly ICCRS Newsletter, a teaching supplement entitled Leaders Formation. This initiative has proved to be Spirit blessed and leaders of the Renewal from throughout the world have expressed their appreciation for these timely and realistic articles.

Lord, Teach us to Pray

A favourite ICCRS publication has been revised and updated by its authors. Written as a guide to both group and individual prayer

Healing Ministry

600 people from 74 different countries gathered together in San Giovanni Rotondo (Italy) in October 1995 for a Healing Seminar organised by ICCRS. This book brings together the entire teachings delivered by the speakers and is open to all those who, following Christ, wish to advance in faith and trust.

Payment Methods

Over the years, ICCRS has published books, booklets, DVDs, and other resourc

Media Products

A New Pentecost goes back over the early years of the dramatic worldwide growth of the CCR - featuring a brief history, papal recognition, endorsement and testimonies.

The Cross of the Renewal

Depicting the outpouring of blood and water from the side of Jesus crucified, symbolic of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
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