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The Pentecostal grace, the grace of the Charismatic Renewal, is an extraordinary grace when it is properly understood and lived. Charisms then become a way to grow in the love of God and are expressed in the love of serving our brothers and sisters. In this book, issued from a retreat given in France, Denise Bergeron shows what charisms are according to the Word of God (especially St. Paul), what their usefulness is, what fruit they bring to the spiritual life of a person and to the Church, and how they are correctly used.


The Holy Spirit is the secret to the Church's growth and vitality—her fountain of youth! The Spirit is constantly renewing the Church, and the current age is no exception. In this book, theologian and author Dr. Alan Schreck writes a historical appreciation of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, now celebrating its fiftieth year—a renewal that has touched millions of Catholics throughout the world.


Charles Whitehead, an international leader of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, encourages us to take a fresh look at the person and promise of the Spirit as revealed in the Scriptures and throughout two thousand years of Church teaching and history. In clear and simple language, Whitehead describes the meaning of the baptism in the Holy Spirit and its relationship to sacramental Baptism and Confirmation. He also delineates the gifts most often associated with baptism in the Holy Spirit, which he calls the


When we, or a family member or friend, are faced with an injury or illness, physical or emotional, our thoughts turn to God in prayer for healing. We want to believe, as the Centurion did, that God will grant healing, but we wonder. And if we as Catholics have doubts, what does this mean to a hurting world, also in need of healing? Through the study of Catholic tradition, the lives of the saints, and ordinary people, you'll begin to understand how the message of inward healing is also a message that we as Catholics are empowered to take outward to the world.


A handbook for leadership formation. If you have already started a prayer group you will know of the possible pitfalls and dangers, as well as the joys attached. Christof's book guides those who would like to begin a new group to avoid the problems and set out with confidence and, just as importantly, gives good advice and ideas for keeping prayer groups alive, dealing with problems which may arise from time to time and giving some good pointers for attracting and keeping newcomers to the group.
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