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Healing Ministry highlighted at Lourdes Conference

(1 July 1979) From June 29 to July 3, over 10,000 people who are active in Catholic Charismatic Renewal made a pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Pope John Paul II confirms the mandate of Card. Suenens

(2 January 1979) On December 2, 1978 Pope John Paul II received Cardinal L.J. Suenens in an audience at the Vatican. During the audience, Pope John Paul II confirmed and renewed the mandate that Pope Paul VI gave to Cardinal Suenens to guide the evolution of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal so that it may fully enter into the heart of the Church.

ICO Council appoints Fr Tom Forrest as new Director

(1 January 1979) The International Council has made several changes in the organization of the office. In the following letter, Ralph Martin, Director of the office for five years and current Chairman of the International Council, describes these changes in greater detail.

Latin American Priests Meet

(1 December 1977) Only 120 priests were expected to attend the First Charismatic Retreat for Priest in Latin America which was held in La Ceja, Colombia, from September 6-9. However, 310 priests from 15 countries showed up for the event, as well as four bishops from Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and Guatemala.

Card. Suenens as ICO Episcopal Advisor

(2 January 1977) One of the reasons for moving the International Communication Office of the Catholic Charismatic renewal to Brussels was to work more closely with cardinal Suenens who has been asked by Pope Paul VI to take a concern for the international development of the renewal.

Chilean Bishops encourage the Charismatic Renewal

(1 January 1977) Cardinal Raúl Silva Henriquez of Santiago, Chile and Bishop Bernardo Cazzaro of Aysén, Chile recently issued pastoral letters encouraging the growth of the Charismatic Renewal in their respective dioceses.

ICO getting resettled

(1 October 1976) The International Communication Office, as you know, has recently moved to Brussels, Belgium. After being here a little over a month, we are beginning to get settled and get our bearings. We have experienced the presence and help of the Lord during these days of transition, and we want to thank all of you who have prayed for us and for our move.

ICO moves to Belgium

(1 September 1976) As you have probably noticed on our masthead, the International Communication Office is no longer located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In late August, ICO, settled into its new quarters in Brussels, Belgium, where Ralph Martin, director of ICO, is now living with his family and with several other members of the Word of God community.

US Bishops established ad hoc Committee for the CCR

(1 September 1975) The United States National Conference of Catholic Bishops has established an ad hoc committee to foster closer ties between the bishops and the leaders of the Charismatic Renewal.
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