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8th International Event – ICCRS Leaders' Retreat · Assisi, Italy

(13 - 17 September 1993) Fifteen hundred participants from over 90 countries gathered in Assisi for the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Leaders’ Retreat. Former gatherings were held in Rome and were conferences

7th International Event – ICCRO Leaders' Conference · Rome, Italy

(14 - 19 October 1989) Father Salvador Carrillo, MSpS, ICCRO’s Spanish speaking Latin American Council member from Mexico, welcomed us with the message that God is sending us forth on a great mission to bring the Good News of salvation to the whole world.

6th International Event – ICCRO Leaders' Conference · Rome, Italy

(11 - 16 May 1987) The highlight of the Conference was the Papal audience on May 15. It took place in the hall of the Blessing. Here are Fr. Diego Jaramillo’s greeting words to the Pontiff and The Holy Father’s address to the delegates.

1st International Youth Consultation · Rome, Italy

(15 - 19 October 1985) The First International Youth Consultation of the Catholic Charismatic renewal took place in Rome, 15-19 October, 1985. Almost 400 participants from 71 countries and every continent shared their Christian faith, their hope for the future of humanity, and their great love as children of the heavenly Father ever 4-day charismatic celebration of the International year of Youth.

1st Worldwide Priests' Retreat · Vatican City

(5 - 9 October 1984) The Retreat was held in the Papal Audience Hall within Vatican City, while the daily Holy Hour and the concluding Papal Mass was held in St. Peter’s Basilica.

5th International Event – ICCRO Leaders' Conference · Rome Italy

(30 May - 5 June 1984) The Conference got off a wonderful start with a special audience given by Pope John Paul II. Calling the Conference “of decisive importance”, the Pope said, “With all my heart I welcome you to Rome in the joy of the Risen Christ”, and went on to tell us that “real openness to the Holy spirit is your strength and your special treasure”, but that is “is also a fragile treasure, and one which you must take special care of”.

4th International Event – ICCRO Leaders' Conference · Rome, Italy

Following the Holy Father’s talk, Ralph Martin, representing the International Renewal, pledged loyalty and love to the Pope and said those in the Renewal would always be ready to stand in service to His Holiness.

3rd International Event – ICCRO Leaders' Conference · Dublin, Ireland

The two previous international leaders conferences were both held in Rome, Italy. About 120 leaders from 34 countries attended the first conference in October 1973. They met at a time when the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church was just beginning to take on an international dimension.

2nd International Event – ICCRO Leaders' Conference · Rome, Italy

(16 - 19 May 1975) The reports that appeared in the press were generally positive in tone and emphasized the spiritual nature of the gathering. Invariably comments were made both on the fervor of the congress pilgrims and the joy they brought with them to Rome.

1st International Event – ICCRO Leaders' Conference · Rome, Italy

(8 - 12 October 1973) 1st International Event – ICCRO Leaders' Conference · Rome, Italy
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