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Pentecost 2013 in Rome

(19 May 2013) It was Benedict XVI who had invited the ecclesial movements and new communities to Rome; after he resigned he passed this invitation “as a legacy” to his successor – thus on Pentecost Saturday several hundreds of thousands of Catholics from all over the world came to Rome to join Pope Francis in praying for the Holy Spirit.

Poster for Pentecost 2013

(6 May 2013) We rejoice by sharing with you the just ready poster of

Relay adoration towards Pentecost 2013

In preparation to the meeting of the Holy Father with the Ecclesial Movements on the Eve of Pentecost on 18th May 2013 and the Pentecost celebration that ICCRS is organising for the worldwide Renewal in collaboration with the Italian charismatic realities, a weekly time of adoration has been planned at the ICCRS “Holy Spirit” Chapel.

Pentecost of the Nations 2011

(3 - 12 June 2011) The Pentecost Novena June 03--11, 2011 We return to the Upper Room to intercede with Mary and the disciples for the rekindling of the grace of the first Pentecost.

Pentecost 2006 · Rome, Italy

(3 - 11 June 2006) About 10 000 members of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR), from more than 70 countries, came together in Rome to experience a new Pentecost with a renewed enthusiasm for prayer, holiness, communion and proclamation of the Good News

Report: Open European CCR Conference · Warsaw, Poland

(1 - 4 October 2015) The meeting in 2015 will be an open conference for everyone in the CCR and shall be an encouragement to all CCR in our time!

Report on the 3rd Worldwide Priests’ Retreat · Rome, Italy

(10-14 June 2015) It was a wonderful experience to gather with over 1,000 priests from 89 countries in St John Lateran Basilica in Rome, for the 3rd worldwide Priests' retreat. The theme was, 'called to holiness for a new evangelisation'.

Great Gathering of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Family · Kampala, Uganda

(30 June - 6 July 2014) All five continents were represented with about 2,500 people. We were honoured by the presence of the Apostolic Nuncio who delivered the encouraging message from the Holy Father.

Report: XXXVII Convocation of Renewal with Pope Francis · Rome, Italy

(1 - 2 June 2014) At the Holy Father's request we sang his favourite charismatic song; 'Vive Jesus el Señor'. There were short testimonies from a priest, a young person, a family, and a blind lady and each of these was followed by a moment of prayer. Then the Holy Father delivered his address, which reflected his experience of CCR in Buenos Aires (see

Come to Me 2014!

(31 May 2014) A worldwide day of prayer for and with youth of the Charismatic Renewal before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.
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