Current Council

ICCRS Council

The ICCRS Council is composed of a President, a Vice-President, and various members who represent ICCRS in the five continents and different types of ministries and communities. It is composed of lay people, priests and religious, and is assisted by one or two advisors.

James Murphy · President

Dear brothers and sisters, I was baptized into the Catholic faith when I was 2 weeks old, and have loved being in the body of Christ my entire life. I LOVE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH!!! My introduction to the Charismatic Renewal began in Juneau, Alaska (USA). It was June of 1971. I had gone into an Assembly of God church, out of mere curiosity. I was surprised by what I encountered there, but fell in love with these new brothers and sisters. So many things that I had longed for in my relationship with God I found in that amazing encounter with the Holy Spirit!

Deacon Christof Hemberger · Vice President

Christof Hemberger lives with his family in Ravensburg, South Germany, where he and his wife Sabine belong to the local Immanuel community. Christof is a social-worker and permanent deacon. Born in 1974, Christof has been involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal from his youth.

Marcos Volcan

Marcos Volcan was born on January 14, 1969, in Pelotas city, in the south of Brazil. He is the first of five children of Helder and Maria Volcan; they encountered the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in 1981 through a Prayer Group. From this time on the whole family has been engaged in the Church's affairs, most specifically in the Renewal.

Andres Arango

Born and raised in Medellin, Colombia, Andres experienced, in an inexplicable way, the presence of the Holy Spirit. Currently he serves the Lord in the Charismatic Renewal in USA and abroad.

Denise Bergeron

Denise Bergeron has been a member of the Covenant Center of Prayer for 34 years. When she was about 17, after living a strong personal experience of the living Lord while at a prayer group, she felt the desire to follow Jesus and His Church more fully. This marvellous experience of the Baptism in the Spirit moved her deeply and gave her a new dynamism.

Ann Brereton

Ann Brereton lives in Tasmania, Australia with her husband of 30 years, David. They have 4 adult sons and one grandchild. In 1983 she accepted an invitation from her mother to attend a prayer meeting. That same year she participated in her first life in the Spirit Seminar and so began her personal relationship with Jesus.

Bishop Francis Kalist

Bishop Francis Kalist was born in Ritapuram, India, was ordained a Priest in 1982, consecrated as Bishop in 2008 and currently is the Bishop of Meerut, India. He was elected as a member of the ICCRS council in 2015.

Jude Muscat

Jude Muscat was born in Malta on 17 June 1956. He was brought up in an extremely devout Catholic family, but opted out of religion and church at a young age. For some years he lived his life hooked onto becoming a great musician and invested most his youthful energy to become one of the best guitarists.

Fr Wojciech Nowacki

Fr Wojciech Nowacki was born in 20th April, 1961 in Ostrow Mazowiecka, Poland. He completed his studies in philosophy and theology at the Major Seminary in Lomza and was ordained a priest in 31st May, 1986. From 1986 to 1991 he continued his studies in theology with a specialisation in theology in Rome, at the University of the Holy Cross, receiving his doctoral degree.
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